Four still waters between 1ha - 1.5ha in size are available to the fly angler.
Three are stocked quarterly with rainbow and brown trout of up to 2kg from the farm's own stock dam. One still water is available for bass angling.
Float tubes are permitted. All fishing is within walking distance from the accommodation - one trout dam is situated 5mts in front of the cottage.
A rod fee of R175 per angler per day is charged for guests. Day anglers are welcome at a fee of R250 per angler per day ( On a Catch & Release Basis.)
Kept fish are charged at R200/kg
The biggest trout to date is 7,4kgs (81cm). A fish of 7,1kg was caught in the bottom dam in September 2014. A 6,8kg the same day. OUr biggest brown is 5,8kgs caught in 2013 in the middle dam.
Fly rods (3/4-wt and 5/6-wt) can be hired at a fee of R150/day,including reel, lines and landing net.
Flies available to purchase at R10,00.
A guide is available for coaching at a fee of R250 per 2hr session.
Freshwater prawn & Natal minnows were introduced into the dams in 2003 this changed the entire concept of fishing at Troutbagger.
Our fish are long and mean !


In the snow in September 2013, over 60 fish were caught by 2 anglers in one day.

Snippets from the visitors book:

  1. Thank u so much, so amazing to be here in the peace and quiet. Fishing was challenging but successful, a 2,8kg bass and my p.best, rainbow trout of 75cm, thank you. (fishing always challenging in summer)
  2. Amazing place, incredibly hospitable. Thank you for a great w/end.
  3. Great times!! Loads of fish, biggest trout 4,5kgs in the middle dam
  4. +- 30 fish, fishing slow (???), but had one over 4kgs. Most fish on yellow humpy, thx for another great holiday!! See you again.
  5. 21 fish in 5 hours day fishing. Brilliant experience!! Thanks Gary. These fish are full of spunk and in peak condition!!
  6. thanks for the amazing fishing, we caught at least 35 fish between 2,5kgs and 3kgs. Most were caught on orange flies. thank you, we will be back.